Whale Steamer APP

The Future of Portable Steaming


App development for Whale Steamer

Alice Sueko Müller (UX UI App Development, Wireframes, Advertisement)
Natalie Bar-David Frenkel
Jacob Kurzrock
Ferdinand Kohle

User Journey Research Insights

1. Lunchbreak at office is a time to relax and escape from a stressful day. The app should remove daily stress and not add more onto the user. The UI should therefore be clean and simple and the UX seamless.  
2. Time during lunchbreak is limited, the app needs to be efficient, convenient and clear.
3. Colors should make user feel happy and comfortable, again to relieve daily work stress. 
4. Health coach features should be motivating not disencouraging. 
5. Timer needs to be clearly visible, so that the user can watch the timer from a far; this gives the user the option to do other tasks while the meal is getting steamed.
6. Meal menu should be clearly communicated so that the user can quickly find their meal that they want to cook or order a meal from the selection.
7. Whale app design should be coherent with Whale steamer design.
8. Customizable alarm features for when meal has finished steaming.

Visual Design

Same logo, color palette and hexagon shape used for Whale App as for Whale Steamer to ensure consistency. Gradients and soft shapes to instill a calm UX. The Whale Steamer is modern yet traditional; the Whale app communicates the same values by using traditional app features with modern touches.


Primary & Secondary Colors

App Hexagon Icon

Low Fidelity Wireframes

High Fidelity Wireframes

Final Advertisement