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Luxury Education Foundation Scholarship Winner

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Alice Müller — BFA Fashion Design Parsons School of Design, BA Political Science Eugene Lang College, Luxury Education Foundation Scholarship Winner
Nicolas Contreras — BFA Integrated Design, Parsons School of Design
Maria Fillas — MBA, Columbia Business School
Rachel Friedman — MBA, Columbia Business School
Kate Liang — MBA, Columbia Business School
Nicole Savery — MBA, Columbia Business School
Leela Shanker — M. Architecture, MFA Lighting Design, Parsons School of Design
Elizaveta Tulinova — BBA, Strategic Design & Management, Parsons School of Design

The Challenge

The Fall 2017 case study from LALIQUE will address how the brand can expand the Art category by identifying relevant potential collaborations, both from a branding and a sales perspective. It will evaluate its current distribution methods, which is primarily through its own boutiques as the tight margins limit traditional wholesale distribution methods. The project will identify the most appropriate methods of communication, both online and offline, including how to best present the Art in the boutiques.

“Reaching New Audiences Through Artist Collaborations”
The eight-person team from Parsons School of Design and Columbia Business School developed two distinct strategies based on proposed collaborations with the artists Yayoi Kusama and Pierre Huyghe. Both artists offer a unique and impactful avenue for LALIQUE to grow the art pillar and engage new audiences. The project began with extensive preliminary research into the LALIQUE brand in order to understand its core customer, the history of the brand and the art pillar. The team looked to notable brand/artist collaborations in the luxury and non-luxury spaces for inspiration for communications tactics and conducted multiple mystery visits to venues in order to understand distribution options in the fine art space.
The resulting collaboration strategies for both Kusama and Huyghe include product, distribution and communications recommendations. The product vision was inspired by each artist's works that best aligned with existing LALIQUE products and the vision of the brand. Distribution channels were selected based on impact and sell-through,and communication tactics were designed to create conversation and drive excitement around the brand. The ideas put forth for the exploration and expansion of the art pillar seek to help LALIQUE reach new audiences and continue the brand’s tradition, in the spirit of René Lalique, of pushing artistic boundaries.

Product Family

3 Clients & 3 Product/Price Tiers

LALIQUEXKusama Product Family

Boutiques, Window Display, Popup Store, Shopable Socialmedia

LALIQUEXKusama Boutiques (Distribution Strategy)

LALIQUEXKusama Boutique Window Display (Distribution Strategy)

LALIQUEXKusama Boutique In-Store Display (Distribution Strategy)

LALIQUEXKusama Popup Store (Distribution Strategy)

LALIQUEXKusama Shopable Socialmedia (Distribution Strategy)


Launch Event, Snapchat Filter, AR Graffiti Wall

LALIQUEXKusama Launch Event (Communication Strategy)

LALIQUEXKusama Snapchat Filter (Communication Strategy)

LALIQUEXKusama Augmented Reality Graffiti Wall (Communication Strategy)